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Access x Helen Anderz workshop: 5 things I have learned

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Meet- Access Creative. An artistic alternative to common college and sixth form education, for individuals aged 16-18+. The college aims to educate upcoming generations of creators, across a wide range of creative professions. Access Creative has many great courses on offer, for those with a passion for creativity. Effective skill development is assured by providing students with modern resources, enriching opportunities and support.

Access Creative has recently collaborated with a British YouTuber/blogger/musician, Helen Anderson. As an online creator-extraordinaire in the style, beauty and lifestyle world, Helen shared her knowledge about all things ‘online media’ in two educational workshops. The Access x Helen Anderz workshops took place in London and Manchester. I was given the chance to attend the workshop in London.

Before entering the Hoxton Hall, I did not know what to expect from the event. This time, however, the flop did not happen. I was greeted with a line of beautiful, calm individuals, already bonding with one another in the fiery heatwave.

After about 20 minutes of chit-chat, we marched into the hall – ready to absorb all the advice and tips from Helen Anderson. The hall reminded me of a theatre, it had round tables and red curtains were draping the stage.

I fought my inner self-critic and decided that I will try my best to network and make friends (the round tables were a great help). Communication was easier than I thought, everyone had a spark of likeability about them.

Laura is with some people she met at helen anderz x access ccreative workshop
I made some wonderful friends (photo credit: Lucy McPhee)

I am pleased to share 5 things that I have learned from this wonderful experience. *Drumrolls*.

1. Doing it for the right reasons 

At the start of the workshop, Helen shared her background of how she became a youtuber. It happened totally unexpectedly, after she posted a video on YouTube, detailing how she dyes her hair purple. While becoming a full-time youtuber was not her plan at first, Helen stressed that it’s vital to do it for the right reasons. Wanting to gain money, freebies or fame is not enough to succeed in the competitive online industry.

2. Interesting personalities shine brighter than the rest 

Helen is no stranger when it comes to honest advice, her workshop was filled with it. She explained that sometimes good content is not enough. If you are not an interesting person, people will not watch you. Charismatic personalities shine brighter than the rest, they are the ones to be noticed first. Excitement is a crucial tool for building and engaging your audience.

Being yourself and an individual and having your own quirks is so much better than replicating others  - Helen Anderson 

 3. Planning leads to success 

Consistency is key when it comes to the professionalism of content creators, therefore one should always create informative plans to aid their work. Helen suggested that maintaining schedules and creating content the week before, can help to stay on top of things. Whether it’s planning an Instagram feed or future content – planning leads to success. Unfortunately, life can be a bitch and throw individuals under the bus, so turning organisation into one of your habits is a handy skill to master.

4. Making content that makes YOU and YOUR audience happy 

As an online creator, you make the decisions about the content that you put out. This content should focus on your interests, while also making your audience pleased. Helen stressed that online creators should ask questions: ‘What do I want to make? What others want to see?’. There must be a balance between self and audience satisfaction. Two things to stop doing immediately: 1. Presenting obscure content that no one cares about and 2. chasing trends like a crazy pigeon. Listen to audience feedback, but don’t forget to be true to yourself. A happy audience is an audience that comes back for more.

5. Being in the public eye 

Online success can be a blessing and a curse. Helen explained that constantly being in the public eye comes with responsibilities, such as knowing what and what not to say. That and the demise of your privacy is emotionally exhausting. One should be ready for the responsibility that comes with becoming an ‘online creator’. After all, internet influencers are the role models of modern-day.

Laura is with helen anderson
A moment from the workshop, captured on a potato
Helen Anderson is speaking at her helen anderz x access workshop
Meeting Helen was a pleasure 

It’s safe to say that the team of Access Creative have organised an incredible workshop. In the free educational events category, they have raised the bar – congratulations Access Creative. The atmosphere of the event was friendly and welcoming. I felt like every individual in the room was given the chance to ask questions and join the discussion. 

Find out more about Access Creative – here

You can find Helen Anderson on various social media platforms:
-Instagram (@Helenanderz)
-Twitter (@Helenanderz)
- Facebook (Helen Anderson).

Don't forget to check out her blog –


  1. This sounds like such an amazing and informative workshop! Thank you for sharing your experience x


    1. Hey Sophie, no worries. Thank you for reading it. Love your blog name!

  2. Sounds like a great workshop and like you learned a lot of things. I am glad you shared your five lessons with us :)

    1. It was indeed very very good for a blogging newbie like me :) Have a lovely day.

  3. I remember Helen mentioning this event in one of her videos & she always seems like such a genuinely friendly and positive person, super jealous you were able to meet her! x x
    Ellis //

    1. Hey Ellis, it was a great experience. Helen was down to earth and also the people who were there as well. It made me realise how lovely the blogging community is!


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