Saturday, 29 December 2018

2018 in a nutshell and my goals for 2019

Flatlay including some of Laura's 2018 memories in the form of photos and cards

As we are approaching the last days of December and after a few eye blinks will be in the year of 2019, I wanted to do this quick post to outline my 2018 and make some few goals for the next upcoming year. I think that goals are important because they help to set your mind on things by giving a clear vision. Forget silly New Years’ resolutions – I have never been about ‘eating clean’ or ‘not eating any chocolate’. As a person I am perfectionistic and ambitious, I want to set myself SMART goals that benefit me and the world around me.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

10 Tips on getting a first class in your Psychology Degree

person behind a stack of books

Getting a first class in your Psychology degree education is difficult but it’s not impossible. 

Psychology as a degree is quite subjective, there are rarely right or wrong answers in exams. You may ask – how do I get a first in my degree then?

During three years of studying Psychology, I have learned from my mistakes and good experiences.

Now I have a bank of knowledge on what improves grades and what approaches lower them. Read on for tips on getting a first class in your psychology degree!
Saturday, 8 December 2018

My Skin Care Routine For Clear and Glowing Skin (5 Easy Steps)

Skincare products and gold tinsel

Looking after your skin is important – no matter how old you are. Over time, through trials and experiments, I have come up with an optimal skincare routine for clearer skin. Of course, there are always new products coming out and lifestyle changes that can be made. Anyways, this is my current skincare routine for clear and glowing skin.
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