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2018 in a nutshell and my goals for 2019

Flatlay including some of Laura's 2018 memories in the form of photos and cards

As we are approaching the last days of December and after a few eye blinks will be in the year of 2019, I wanted to do this quick post to outline my 2018 and make some few goals for the next upcoming year. I think that goals are important because they help to set your mind on things by giving a clear vision. Forget silly New Years’ resolutions – I have never been about ‘eating clean’ or ‘not eating any chocolate’. As a person I am perfectionistic and ambitious, I want to set myself SMART goals that benefit me and the world around me.

2018 in a nutshell

In a nutshell, I felt like I was on a wild rollercoaster of a ride during 2018. I started the year with a huge stressful task of completing my dissertation. It was challenging; however, it was fun too. I have learned about organization and to have a determined work ethic no matter what.

In February, I celebrated a year with my partner Ben. He is my rock, someone that always reminds me that I have control in life, that I choose how to lead my life.

Laura is standing in front of a lake with her partner smiling

In 2018, I have also started to be more open at work which resulted in me making some amazing friends. I am forever grateful for them. Being a support worker always comes with a lot of challenges, controlling your emotions in a stressful environment can get quite tough. I am lucky that I have a fantastic network of colleagues at work. Tip number 1 use your social circles around you to keep you sane.

I turned 21 in April, fully approaching adulthood. Talking about being an adult, I have also got a lovely flat with Ben. The whole renting and deposit process was a bit of a nightmare, after all it was our first time, we did not know what to expect. But the stress was all worth it. I love to have my own little space.

I also have worked on my hobbies a little, last few years I kept abandoning them because I was so stuck in education. In 2018, I started painting, I tried pole-dancing (although right now with Masters and work, I have no time for it). I was always scared to try something because I kept comparing myself with other people. Tip number 2 practice makes perfect, do whatever you want to do. Tip number 3 stop comparing yourself with others, only compare yourself with your past self.

Laura is doing a pole invert

In 2018, I also explored and have done some exciting things! I went to Brighton to shoot a video for Birdeatsbaby. I would love to go to Brighton again, I love the atmosphere there! I also saw a couple of artists – Steven Wilson, Ghost and Florence + The Machine. I think that experiences are far better than material things because they make beautiful memories.

In July, I have graduated my BSc Psychology course. My graduation took place in St Albans cathedral. It was beautiful. And of course, around that time I also started blogging. I’m glad I did!

My most recent achievement was on December 20th – I passed my driving theory test! I always kept avoiding driving lessons because of my anxiety, but here I am – one step closer to driving. Tip number 4don’t let your anxiety control you.

Laura is at her graduation ceremony with her partner

Goals for 2019 

At the end of every year, I used to approach the new year as an opportunity to start again, afresh. I have similar mindset, however my goals are not as ambitious. I am trying to stay away from focusing completely on the numbers and social media (especially Instagram). It's all good and well to create ambitious goals, but not all of them will be attainable. To avoid disappointment, I just want to keep it simple in 2019.

Anyways, enough rambling. Here are some of my goals for 2019: 

This is my 2018 in a nutshell and goals for the next year! Remember YOU guide your reality. Make these new 365 days count. Stop and think right now - what is your goal? what do YOU want to achieve next year? Keep seeking knowledge and stay humble. 
How was 2018 for you? 

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Laura's goals for 2019


  1. Great post! I'm new to blogging as well and also have a goal to make an affiliate sale! Good luck with everything! :)

  2. You have a great list here - good luck with them - I am sure you will do great at accomplishing everything on your list. Also- I love your tips #3 and 4!
    - Morgan from

    1. Thank you for reading the post :) Ah I'm glad! Hope you have a fab 2019

  3. Your year sounds like it's been amazing. Congrats on graduating and good luck for the new year! :D I'd love to try pole fitness out! xx

  4. It sounds like you had such an amazing 2018 and I love your goals for 2019!


  5. Wow, sounds like 2018 was an interesting year for you. I hope 2019 is just as good, if not better all the best with your goals as well

    bethany lauren /

  6. Great list and good luck! You have to set goals and always strive to better yourself. That looks like what you're doing!

  7. Sounds like you had a great year! I especially loved your tip: "stop comparing yourself with others, only compare yourself with your past self." That's something I've been working on a lot over the past few years (I even talked about it in one of my recent YouTube videos.

    I hope 2019 will be an amazing year for you! Keep learning, keep growing, keep taking care of yourself, be patient, and never give up! <3