Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Life Update: palm trees, birthday reflections and education

Paphos palm trees

All right, I should probably start this post by saying – it’s been a while. It feels like I have totally abandoned this blog. It has not been my intention, life just got a little bit crazy! I don’t know about you but when I was a little girl, time used to pass slowly like a snail. Every single occasion, it felt like I had to wait an eternity for. Nowadays, it’s so fast that I often lose track of it. In addition, fatigue results in me wasting time on pointless activities or not doing anything at all.

I’m a working machine in real life but when I reflect more about my work ethic and habits, perhaps I am addicted to work itself – that’s not healthy. Who knows, maybe I’m not the only one, using my work as a place to get away from negative thoughts inside my head.

Anyway, today I have decided to use my free time wisely and write this post for you guys. The purpose of this post is to give you some updates on my life before I return to my usual posts.

I went on holiday to Cyprus

After being consumed by stress, deadlines and work in general, a decision was made between myself and my partner (as well as my work colleague/wonderful friend) to book a holiday somewhere. We did not plan anything major, we just craved to recharge and enjoy a slower lifestyle pace.

As a trio, we strolled to our local TUI branch and inquired about holidays. For the price and our limited time frame, we ended up booking a holiday to Paphos for a week. Before booking, I had no clue what sort of place Paphos was but honestly, I was not picky about where to go. I just wanted to sip cocktails and feel relaxed for once.

Paphos harbour

Paphos was an incredible experience. Unfortunately, as our holiday was in March the weather was not that great (although some people still tried to get a tan!). Being on an all-inclusive holiday meant that we filled our bodies with lots of food and lots of cocktails – I mean that’s what holidays are for, right? The food in Cyprus was incredible!

Another wonderful aspect of Paphos was the scenery. Stepping out of the airplane and realising that you are surrounded by palm trees, is a wonderfully novel experience. Lemon trees were even dotted around our hotel. I felt lucky that I had the chance to experience such beauty in front of me. 

Going on this holiday made me realise that traveling is important for keeping your mind open. New things cannot be learned if you stay in your own little bubble. I plan to travel more to new places soon. Even if it’s taking a train to a town in England that I have never been before (perhaps I should use blogger meetups as an excuse to travel to more places!)

I’ve had my 22nd birthday

I turned 22 on April 19th. It’s funny right because I still feel like a 12-year-old. I’m not a child anymore and I should stop feeling like I am.

My birthday was quite uneventful, I was trying my best to enjoy it, despite working a lot before the day of my birthday. Nevertheless, having no energy whatsoever did not influence the enjoyability of the day itself. I started the day by having a coffee date with my friend and then finished my birthday with a Chinese takeaway.

During my birthday, I kept re-evaluating my life, thinking about the things that I have learned and how I progressed as an individual (perhaps I should write a post about this).  Whenever I feel horrible, I reflect on my previous Facebook posts to keep myself in check – yup, my current self is far better than past me. It’s funny, I don’t know if anyone else does the same thing.

Being 22 years old also makes me feel sort of frightened. Frightened because I feel like this is the time where you need to have yourself in check and be in control of your life and emotions. Being a responsible adult has its challenges, especially when it comes to being rational. I still have so much to learn. I need to shake this life anxiety and just live, take opportunities, that sort of thing.

I’ve decided that I will try to do a PhD

Great portion of my life right now revolves around my Psychology Master’s degree. After several conversations with my research supervisor, I’ve decided that I should probably attempt to do a PhD in the future. A keyword being *try* as getting PhD funding is extremely difficult. I think that my strengths lie in research and science – reading things, exploring, testing new ideas and developing concepts.

Laura is smiling with her thumbs up

I want to contribute in making the world a better place, somehow. I don’t want to waste my time doing meaningless 9-5 activities. Who knows whether I will get an opportunity to do a PhD but like they say – you’ll never know unless you try. Maybe I'm just being an idealist but who cares. 

I think these are all the things worth updating you on. I’m looking forward to getting back to a more consistent schedule. Life can sometimes be like a rock on my shoulders – but I promise, I’m not going to give up. I will strive to create meaningful content for you, I will lead you towards a beneficial sense of self-improvement.  So don’t miss out on future content, follow my blog, share it around on your favourite social media sites. I appreciate every single one of you.

Best wishes, Laura x 

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