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7 useful makeup tips and tricks from Urban Decay makeup artist

Urban Decay makeup counter

Sometimes it takes a professional to teach you something that you don’t know. This is especially true when it comes to makeup techniques. I am by no means an expert with makeup, but I have a passion to learn more when it comes to makeup tips and tricks. 

Recently I have visited Urban Decay counter in my local Fenwick store to have a makeover and improve on my knowledge. It was a fantastic experience!

In this post, I will share 7 useful makeup tips and tricks that I have learned from an incredible makeup artist and alternative model, Sophie. 

This is what I have learned from professional makeup artist

1. Choosing eyeshadow colours

I tend to struggle with choosing my eyeshadow colours, to be honest, I used to pick my eyeshadow colours randomly. This meant that I often ended up with some disastrous, ‘it looks like I’ve been punched in the eye’ eyeshadow looks. 

Sophie advised that in order to work with colours, it is useful to think of a colour wheel and use complementary and analogous colours. Complimentary colours are those that are on opposite ends, for instance, yellow and purple. 

On the other hand, analogous colours are those next to each other – blues and greens, etc. My eyeshadow game will definitely improve now.  

2. Effective concealer application

Prepare to have your minds blown, turns out makeup artists tend to apply concealer before foundation – Scott Barnes (Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist) does it. Put some concealer on your hand and using a concealer brush apply the concealer on any blemishes and imperfections. Then go with the foundation.

 If you need anything else covered, you can add more once the foundation is on. This helps to control for cakiness and unwanted texture. I always used to use the dome applicator and apply concealer after foundation, no wonder why my complexion never seemed right.

Laura is looking at the camera. She is wearing a full face of Urban Decay makeup

3. The importance of your eye shape for eyeshadow looks

When Instagram is filled with incredible cut-creases and extraordinary eyeshadow looks, you may be tempted to copy these cult looks. 

Nevertheless, it is important to consider your eye shape and how much eyelid space you have when it comes to making your eyeshadow looks work. Everyone is different, looks that suit others may look ridiculous on you.

4. Quality tools = quality makeup  

Even the best makeup products can fail if they are applied with tools of poor quality. I used to be a cheapskate when it comes to makeup tools. Over-time I’ve built a basic collection of makeup brushes however I don’t love every single one of them. 

It’s better to pay some more money than end up regretting your purchases. Sophie suggested that one should opt for synthetic brushes to prevent shedding. 

Synthetic brushes also tend to maintain their shape. Explore your stash of makeup tools, think about whether it’s time to upgrade them. Remember, quality tools = quality makeup.

5. Foundation types and application

This may not be a revolutionary makeup tip; however, it is useful to know that different foundation types are applied best using specific tools. 

For instance, water-based foundations tend to work better with a brush. Sophie explained that makeup sponges can absorb water-based foundations and affect their coverage. 

Next time you are shopping for a new foundation, do some research on foundation types.  

6. Blending eyeshadows is like an art

This makeup tip is for those who are like me – a bit in a rush and somewhat impatient. 

Sophie applied my eyeshadow using slow, controlled movements. She pointed out that it is crucial to slowly build eyeshadow colour, starting from the lightest shade.

Eyeshadow should be blending out using small, circular motions. Don’t try to sweep your shadows like butter on toast. Be gentle, blending eyeshadows is like an art and it requires some patience.

7. Don’t worry about what others think

You should not worry about what others think about your look. It does not matter whether you are covered in glitter or bright colours. Life is too short to follow rules.

 At the end of the day, your attitude can make or break your makeup look. Use makeup to express yourself, be empowered and most importantly – stay true to yourself. 

These are all the useful makeup tips and tricks that I have learned from Urban Decay makeup artist and model, Sophie. You can visit Sophie at the Urban Decay counter at Fenwick (Bracknell).

Follow Sophie on Instagram for makeup inspiration and alternative modelling shots.

Alternative modelling image by Sophie (zombiispoh)
You can follow Sophie's journey of makeup and modeling by visiting her Instagram page.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and learned something new! Do you have any useful makeup tips or tricks? Let me know in the comments below.

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