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August Favourites and Thoughts

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Another month is almost over, which means it's time for monthly favourites! Summer in England so far has been like being outside an oven. In this post, I will discuss my favourite products : beauty, lifestyle and all the random bits. I will also reflect on my thoughts and feelings. Let's jam!

August has been quite stressful for me. I left my job in the middle of July, due to having to move to a different place. Simply because my student accommodation contract is almost over. Plus I will be graduating my Masters' studies very very soon (I've literally submitted my 53-page dissertation yesterday!). 

It's exciting and scary at the same time. Change and lack of routine is my worst nightmare after all. What I've been doing mostly was either university work, or looking for jobs. I've attended a few interviews, none of them were successful. 

I've also turned down opportunities when I realised that I will not be happy in that specific role. The main things that I thought about is the fact that I don't have to work in order to prove my worth (I might need to write a post on the process to deal with these feelings actually). 

When we are children, we tend to be brought up and conditioned to strive for success. After all, when we work hard and our parents, teachers or friends offer us their positive attention, it activates the part of the brain responsible for pleasure. Over time, like it happened for me - this can turn into a workaholic obsession. 

This month has been tough. I've been getting used to a new environment. Feeling frustrated, impatient. Stuck. I know it's temporary and that I will find my purpose. I know deep down that being hard on myself will not solve anything, I'm only 22 anyways, not working for a few months is not an end of the world. I have spent too many days stewing and worrying. That's why, in fact, I'm using my energy to write blog posts. Hooray! 

Monthly favourites

Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation is the first high-end foundation that I have bought. It's pricey, compared to what I have used to pay for foundation, but the finish that it gives is fantastic. It feels breathable and natural, just what I love. Foundations tend to last forever for me, so I can justify spending a bit more. I haven't bought a full-sized version of the new Stay Naked foundation, however, from the tester, I can say that the new foundation is also great. It's hard for me to say how this foundation compared to other high-end foundations because I have not dabbled with many foundations outside of the drugstore realm. This foundation is definitely a staple right now in my routine. 

Kiko Waterflower Magic Bronzer (limited edition - out of stock in-store) 

I kept eyeing up Kiko bronzers for ages, a great 70% sale in my local Kiko store (I think they were getting rid of limited edition stock possibly), pushed me towards this bronzer. I opened it...sniffed it and it smells like a vanilla bakery! Absolutely, one cannot judge a makeup product by its smell alone, that's just silly. This Kiko bronzer definitely lives up to the Kiko bronzer hype. The shade is great. The powder feels creamy and is easy to blend. I don't spend much time in the sun, so I love how this bronzer gives me an effortless sun-kissed look.

Kiko flower magic bronzer

This brush has changed my life! Okay not quite that dramatic, it has been a staple in the creation of my eyeshadow looks. It makes it far quicker and easier to blend shadows. I did not realise that brushes can be so soft. I love it! If you are on the lookout for a good eyeshadow brush for blending your shadows, consider trying out this one. Even after intense cleaning, it retains its shape perfectly and it has not been shedding at all. 

What does your skin want in hot summer days? That's right - moisture! My skin feels like a dried wasteland after spending time in the sun, that's not a great look. I have picked up this face masks to try out and it has been fantastic at giving my skin moisture. This mask is particularly refreshing if you use it after keeping it in a fridge for a couple of hours. My skin feels revitalised after using this mask. Highly recommend!

Nip and fab dragons blood jelly mask

I've been researching on self-compassion and body compassion as part of my University project, and I've fallen in love with this area of research. I've picked up this book by Paul Gilbert (a brilliant researcher who has published incredible research on self-compassion and its benefits)

He is a founder of compassion-focused therapy, a brilliant thinker). I have not finished this book yet, but I've been devouring so far. This book talks about ways to accept ourselves and our minds.

The book is written in a wonderful, friendly tone. It's like having a conversation with a friend. This book feels like one of those books that would help a lot of people to feel happier within themselves. Honestly, the ideas described in this book, I would like to turn into my consistent philosophy. Self-compassion should be the primary force driving our society.  

I'm really bad at describing books so here's how the book describes itself: 

"In societies that encourage us to compete with each other, compassion is often seen as a weakness. Striving to get ahead, self-criticism, fear, and hostility towards others seem to come naturally to us. 

The Compassionate Mind explains the evolutionary and social reasons why our brains react so readily to threats - and reveals how our brains are also hardwired to respond to kindness and compassion.  Research has found that developing kindness and compassion for yourself and others builds our confidence, helps us to create meaningful, caring relationships and promotes physical and mental health. Far from fostering emotional weakness, practical exercises focusing on developing compassion have been found to subdue our anger and increase our courage and resilience to depression and anxiety."

Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things season 3 has not been a disappointment. I loved every second of it. I'm not one of those people who gets into a series easily, but Stranger Things is an exception. It's incredible to see the actors grow and evolve with every season. Who knows what to expect in the next one. My heart was crushed when the last episode ended! The countdown for season 4 has begun. 


It's a game. What a surprise, what a shocker.  I don't tend to give much time for games, but my fiancee introduced me to Borderlands. It's quite amusing, because thanks to its multiplayer mode, we can play side by side with each other on different computers. It's a lot of fun. I never thought I would enjoy first-person shooters and the art style is quite strange when you first look at the game, but seriously this game is fun, it's humorous and it's got a lot of character. I'm looking forward to completing the second instalment of this game once the first game is done. The third game is set to release in September as well, I am looking forward to trying that as well!

Borderlands game image

That's all of my August favourites and thoughts folks! What have you been loving this month? What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments. 

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Carry yourself with kindness and acceptance, don't worry about the unknown, don't blame yourself for the things that you cannot control. Life is too short to be always in a state of fear and despair. 

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  1. Stranger things s3 was so good, I can't wait to see what happens in season 4 - for Hopper too!

  2. Sorry to hear that August was stressful but congratulations on submitting your dissertation! I think it's a good move taking a little time to figure out what you want to do if you're able to, better than being stuck with something you hate anyway. That bronzer looks so pretty! x


  3. I've been wanting to try the Urban Decay Naked Skin for a while now - it looks amazing! Congrats on completing your diss, it's such an achievement! x

  4. Great post! I love reading people's monthly favourites and things too. I loved series 3 of Stranger Things as well. Definitely didn't disappoint! August was quite a month for me too.


  5. I hope you find some peace soon, girl! I was unemployed for 2 years due to illness and it made me feel so worthless, it ended up being the reason I started up my blog and I am SO glad I did, now. Working isn't the be all and end all and like you said, it doesn't define your worth. I tend to opt for much more of a natural base nowadays so I invested in the Clinique Moisture Surge Sheertint which is essentially a BB cream and I've been LOVING it. I'm going to do a full review on it soon on my blog!
    Alice Xx


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