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Have you ever thought about your reason for being? The significance of reason for leading a happy life

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If you are used to living your life without reason, days can turn into endless monotonous torture. Having a clear raison d'être - reason for being benefits in providing clarity and contributes to the meaning of your existence in the greater scheme of things. 

The reason for being concept extends to other cultures as well, for instance in Japan the term Ikigai also refers to reason for being. It appears that the search for reason is shared across multiple cultures. After all, it is natural for humans to be consumed in existential thoughts.

This post will discuss the importance of having a clear reason for being and how it contributes to your mental well-being. 

Reasoned actions can help you define your identity 

As individuals, biologically we all share a lot of similar characteristics. We belong to the same species, we more or less do the same things. We all work and try our best to gain the best resources in order to survive and lead reasonable lives. 

When you are stuck in this shared experience, you may actually lose your identity. If you have no reason for being, how can you truly define your identity?

You need to be aware of your reason for being in order to escape the danger of becoming a product of other peoples' expectations and societal values. Having the mindset of 'I am doing this because of this' or 'I am like this because of this' will help you understand yourself better. 

Reason for being can make your life more meaningful 

What is the meaning of life? is the key philosophical question that has bothered the minds of humanity for centuries. For example, it has been thoroughly studied by thinkers of Ancient Greek Philosophy such as Aristotle who posed that happiness and meaning are set in achievements and Socrates who defines the meaning of life on the basis of having a thirst for knowledge and self-improvement.

I believe that the main thing that underlies the meaning of life is your raison d'être, this, therefore, means that meaning of life is subjective and is based on the individual experience. A clear reason for being can give you a clearer perspective and define the meaning of your life. 

Having a clear reason for being can improve your motivation for life

Knowing the reason for your actions and being can be used as a motivational force. There is nothing worse than getting up in the morning and doing the same life routine over and over again, for the sake of it. We all tend to be blinded by common life errands and responsibilities, so much so that we forget to think about our reason for being. 

Having no reason for being can make your life feel repetitive. Before I involved myself in thinking about my reason for living, I used to think "what's the point?" whenever I faced challenges or moments which required my motivation. 

If you work towards the 'I live my life for this reason' mindset, it will be easier for you to feel motivated, especially when it comes to self-improvement related goals. Your reason for being can be as simple as 'I want to be a better person'

Reason for being can put your life in perspective 

Like I have mentioned previously, in essence, people are more or less the same. This means that having no reason for being can make it difficult to put your life in perspective. 

Understanding your reasons can help you to understand where you stand in relation to others and put your life in perspective. It is as simple as saying "This is who I am. This is what I do. This is why I do this". 

Clear reason for living contributes to your rationality 

Rationality has different meanings across various disciplines, but it pretty much is based on the idea of having an accurate, logical judgment of one's thoughts and actions - basically basing your beliefs on firm facts and not subjective opinions. 

Rationality is driven by having a firm grasp of cause and effect. Rationality is explored both in the scientific and more philosophical fields. It is also a central idea in cognitive behavioural therapy and other psychological approaches.

I truly believe that without a clear reason for being, it is difficult to be a rational being. You need to actively ask yourself questions, try to make it your primary habit. 

Having a reason for being will make you happier in life

Understanding your reason for being has a lot of benefits and one of the key benefits is that it can make you happier in life. After all, people tend to be lost without a purpose. Your raison d'être can define your purpose in life. 

This means that with a clear reason, you are more likely to be content in life. Reasoned actions can help you feel like an active agent in your life , giving you personal power and strength. 

This means that one of the first things that you should do if you are working on your happiness is discovering your personal reason for being. 

Finding your reason for being can take some time. While you can talk about your reasons with other people, no one can actually tell you what your reason for being is. You know yourself best, the process of discovering your reason needs to be rooted in a deeply personal journey. 

You may share a similar reason with other individuals, but at the end of the day, the reason for your actions and life is subjective and personal to you. I hope this post has helped you understand why you should work towards having a clear reason for being. 

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  1. Hi Laura, this is one of my favorite subjects. I won't pretend to have any answers as to what each person's reason should be and at 36, I am definitely still in discovery mode. I believe one of the most important things we can do is continue to be open minded and explore possibilities.

  2. Great post Laura. Lots of interesting thoughts. As you know, I am a big Heidegger fan, so an inquiry into the nature of being itself (what IS actually is) is right up my street. In terms of each person’s own sense of being, the series I’ve just finished writing should be right up your street. It’s based on Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning - which is all about our will to meaning, why humanity needs purpose and how one can find meaning in suffering. I would recommend that book - Frank’s logotherapy is inspiring and very helpful. Keep up the good work. Joe


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