Sunday, 12 April 2020

The bright side of self-isolation: 10 benefits of being alone

Man walking through the trees
Image by |Rene Asmussen from Pexels

Back in the day, when I was in school, loneliness was synonymous with being uncool. If you were on your own, it meant that you were an outcast, shunned by society. Loneliness was an unwanted thing, to be avoided at all costs. The problem with these social ideas is that over time, your personal beliefs become infected by it. I viewed my loneliness as a symptom of failure - not an opportunity for growth.

The coronavirus pandemic has turned this social worldview of loneliness upside down. Self-isolation is a necessity. The need to stay at home means that we began spending more time in our own company.

Humans are social animals driven to interact and form connections in order to strive in life. According to research, loneliness can lead to mental health struggles and depression. Researchers argue that loneliness 'can make you sick' (Canli, 2017). To some extent, loneliness can feel devastating, especially if it is caused by abandonment.

There is a view that we need other people in order to strive and keep sane. That said, everyone is different, introverts may rejoice at the thought of isolation, in contrast, extroverts may find spending time alone far more difficult.

In this post, I will discuss how you can use loneliness as an opportunity for growth. I will also explore how to change your perspective about being lonely and challenge the belief that being on your own is a sign of failure.  I am here to show you that self-isolation is not all doom and gloom, there are many benefits of loneliness.

Monday, 30 March 2020

It's time to put on a brave face: 10 ways to cope with fear in life

Trees in the mist
Image by Anna Urlapova from Pexels

Fear is a natural experience, it is in our nature to be afraid. That said, sometimes fear can limit our potential and stop us from doing the things that would be beneficial, due to the limitations that we put on ourselves.

When you are afraid, you can find it difficult to carry on with day to day life. Sleeping, eating, socializing can turn into the impossible. Fear can ruin your life.

Origin of fear can stem from various sources, for instance, your childhood - through modeling your parents and how they act in certain situations or negative experiences in general. 

Fighting fear is not a walk in the park, it takes time and practice. I thought I would put together a little guide to help you navigate life even if you are afraid. In this post, I will share 10 ways to cope with fear in life.

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Life update: Learning to find certainty in the unknown

'Cogito, ergo sum'


It feels like the whole world is falling apart, and here I am back from my blogging slumber, in an
attempt to share ideas with you. I don't know if you wondered where I have gone and why I have not written any posts for a couple of months. To be honest, I have been in turmoil - filled with despair and frustration, sick of social media nonsense. 

I just wanted to focus on reality. You know, the things outside the social media bubble. I had no intention to impress others. I have been learning new skills, listening to philosophy, making art. Trying to occupy my hectic mind.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

Self-verification theory: The motive shaping your reality, well-being and relationships

Woman covering her eyes and ears with hands
Photo from Pixabay

When it comes to mental health and well-being, you happen to be biased to confirm your self-views, even if they are incorrect or critical. It's likely that you are not even aware of this.

This is not your fault, people have evolved to behave this way. If you are struggling with depression or other mental health difficulties, you may be stuck in a cycle of negativity due to your self-verification striving.

It's important to recognize damaging habits and work actively on your mind, in order to overcome mental challenges. Let's face it, we all need to actively attend to our thoughts and feelings. Your growth depends on this.

This post will teach you about the self-verification concept in social psychology and how it applies to your well-being and mental health.

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