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                      GreetingsIm Laura

What even makes up a person, is it their interests, values or experiences? To be honest, I have no idea. Perhaps this is the first thing that you should note about me - I'm not good when it comes to talking about myself.

I spent my childhood in the land of potatoes, Lithuania. In a poor, complex, dysfunctional family. I've faced poverty, family divorce and other difficulties. Alas, I moved to UK when I was 10 and things got somewhat more positive.

I began to focus on my education as an escape from painful experiences and to prove my own worth to myself. I was one of those people with high-standards and a perfectionist attitude to life.

In school, I faced rejection. I could not connect with others. Nevertheless, the life that I have lived has taught me plenty of valuable lessons.

I'm 22 now, living my life, speaking my own truth and fighting against the demons in my head.

If anyone asked me to describe myself in a phrase, I would probably say that I'm:

Psychology Research student, devourer of knowledge, seeker of self-improvement.

I live my life with the intention to bring positive change in other people. Whether it is inspiring them to work on their goals or reaching self-acceptance.

Fun fact: I am an INTJ (in case you were wondering), I consider myself as an overly analytical introvert. I love to explore ideas and concepts.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter, Instagram or send me an email - laustworld@yahoo.com

Let's be friends! I hope you enjoy my blog!

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