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Who am I? 

What even makes up a person, is it their interests, values or experiences? To be honest, I have no idea. The questions related to self-concept intrigue me daily. Perhaps this is the first thing that you should note about me - I'm not good when it comes to talking about myself.

I often feel disjointed, like I'm made of multiple parts. I could say that I live my life to get to know myself better, like a philosopher digging deeper and deeper into my own mind. I think that this complex overthinking about my place in the world and purpose stems from my personal life experience.

Early memories and childhood 

There are two things that I remember from my childhood: falling out of my buggy on a cold winter concrete when I was a baby and smashing porcelain cups on my kitchen floor when I found out that my parents have split up when I was five years old. I spent my childhood in the land of potatoes, Lithuania, watching my family subdue into a block of depression, poverty, and neglect.

I lived a few years without electricity, I've had hot chocolate for dinner and counted up small change just so I could get some decent ramen noodles. When I was little, I have witnessed the dangers of not meeting one's personal responsibilities in life.

It made me understand, how important it is not to give up when you are facing mental health difficulties. I used to feel bitter about my dysfunctional upbringing, but now it's something that motivates me to work in life, to seek opportunities and to help other people.

Success is the best revenge

When I was 10 years old, I moved to the UK and things got somewhat more positive. I began to focus on my education as an escape from painful experiences and to prove my own worth to myself. I was one of those people with high-standards and a perfectionist attitude to life.

In school, I faced rejection. I could not connect with others. I was bullied for being different, that's what usually happens. Looking back, I wish I knocked those people down with a chair. Anyway, I do remember when my tutor in school said to me that "success is the best revenge".

I don't see my personal achievements as a big deal, but when I put my life in perspective and where I used to be in the past, I think I have managed well.

The present-day

I'm 22 now, living my life, speaking my own truth and fighting against the demons in my head. I am a Psychology enthusiast with a BSc Psychology degree and an MSc degree in Psychological Research Methods. I have worked on self-compassion/body compassion research. I'm also quite keen when it comes to things related to shame, guilt, attachment, social rank, and self-concept.

You could call me a devourer of knowledge, I'm quite analytical, I enjoy reading about theories and concepts. I also love to make art (digital and traditional), anime, prog music, writing, reading...all those typical introvert things.

digital art with words that say keep it real

This is what you can expect from my blog 

When I first created this blog, I fell into the traps of lifestyle and beauty. I morphed into the stereotypical blogger type. Over time, I have realized that that's not me. I don't have enough passion when it comes to material things and beauty trends. I'm far more passionate about Psychology and self-improvement. I'm a research nerd, not a beauty guru.

I came across the lovely Vix Meldrew, who kept going on about the importance of having your own niche. At first, I was critical as I thought that sticking to a niche would be limiting, but eventually, I had a lightbulb moment.

I'm going to follow my heart and write about Psychology and self-improvement! I will write about well-being objectively. I will post content to make my readers think deeply about life and themselves.

While I may have left the content that leads to greater views, my blogging aims to extend beyond plain numbers. I live my life with the intention to bring positive change in other people. Whether it is inspiring them to work on their goals or reaching self-acceptance.

This is what you can expect from my blog.

Feel free to contact me on:

Twitter, Instagram or send me an email - laustworld@yahoo.com

Let's be friends! I hope you enjoy reading my blog!

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