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Do you fancy collaborating? Making something great? Working on an incredible idea?

Laustworld is a page, discussing topics and ideas from a psychological twist, filled with advice to aid the self-improvement of my readers and occasional reflective thoughts.

I thrive to work hard at every given second, from planning content to building engaged connections with readers and other creators.

As a Psychology graduate I have gained vast knowledge about human behaviour, I am determined to apply this knowledge to aid my understanding of Laustworld readers. I believe that listening to your readers' needs, while giving them a hundred percent and more, is the key to success. 

I am a versatile, organised individual, ready to meet all the goals set to the highest standard. If you are a brand or a business and you are interested in working with me, send an email to 

I cannot wait to work with you and use my blog as a platform to promote your products/services and boost your business growth. 

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